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Allows you the ability to order at your convenience no matter what your schedule is. The ordering system will email you back a confirmation ASAP including exactly everything you just ordered. This feature enables you to recheck your order for error right away. Within 24 hours (unless holidays or weekends are involved) you will receive an official confirmation just as we do today. The only difference is it will be going to the email address you have supplied and ordered with. By applying for a user name and password the system will save your account information and automatically enter it when the form comes up. Please call our ordering department for details.

Cabinet Refacing

Truly one of the fastest growing segments in the industry today, cabinet refacing consumes less time in design, planning and production. This will give you more time to look to expand your business. Here at Lindsey Doors we have a program that will allow you to order thermo foil or wood doors for all your refacing needs. Ask our sales department about how we also can finish them for you.

Water Based UV Finishes

We offer a complete line of stock and custom water borne UV cured coating. This can assist you in meeting today’s stringent governmental regulations. As technology and chemistry coating keep improving, the use and acceptance of water based UV curable finishes is increasing today in all sections of home building and remodeling. Green is not going away. Quite the opposite the increasing governmental regulations regarding emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for solvent borne finishes are making it almost impossible to continue legally finishing product with solvents. With Lindsey Doors UV Finishing Program we can help you meet these regulations.

If you are interested in more information on any of these items please contact our Ordering Department (800-350-6403) or the Sales Representative for your area.